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Makeshift Living, a photographic installation of over 600 photos wallpaper pasted to the walls, nooks and crannies of Toi Poneke Gallery, Wellington in 2011.

“‘Makeshift Living’, while not flinching from the mundane, is able through its artistic and technical virtuosity to challenge the viewer to make intellectual and emotional connections that span far beyond the domestic arena that lies at its heart.”

Meryl Richards exhibition text: Makeshift Living

“Crowe’s work hangs it all out there, like wallpaper. The big white visual pauses in this work, and the endless repetitions of subjects, are charged emotionally with the rhythm of domestic routine and the difficulty of balancing professional and home activity. The picture is patently not homogeneous or ‘visually correct’, it’s fragmented. Life is as hard to hold together and keep working efficiently as making a complete photograph of your living area is.”

Crowe’s  Immersive Photographic Patchwork, by Mark Amery

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